Missions has been something that neither one of us knew much about, but we both knew it would be part of our journey as Christians.  After a trip to Uganda in 2011, I felt an overwhelming call.  I knew that everything that I have experienced, all that I had accomplished, all of my passions had been preparing me for missions!

Visiting Orphans is an amazing ministry that organizes short term mission trips to visit and serve various ministries all over the world.  I am a Visiting Orphans Leader and lead two teams a year!

Short term missions are so important.  They not only give support to long term missionaries, but they are a platform for much more.  I believe the most important role of short term missions is that the team becomes a billboard for the ministries on the ground.  These trips are only the beginning!

On one of my teams, you can expect to be the hands and feet of Jesus!  We love and we serve!  That pretty much sums it up in simple terms.  You may be holding a child, or 4, all day long. You could be working in a clinic treating a variety of injuries and illnesses.  You could be teaching in a classroom of 50 children.  Or you may be going to market, cutting up "meat" and preparing a feast for 500 people.  We spend time in daily worship and devotionals as a team, and end up becoming a family!

Please check out Visiting Orphans web page for upcoming trips!  

My Upcoming Teams

I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me on one of my teams!  Click below for trip sign up and for more information.

Here are some videos of my past teams!

Uganda 2011

This is the Good Life! from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

Uganda 2012

Uganda July 2012 from elisa hyman on Vimeo.
Uganda & Kenya 2013

Uganda & Kenya May-June 2013 from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

Uganda November 2013 from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

Visiting Orphans June 2014 Uganda Team from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

Uganda May 2015
Uganda May-June 2015 from elisa hyman on Vimeo.
Visiting Orphans team serving with Sole Hope, Healing Faith and Sangaalo Baby Home

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