April 21, 2009

Meeting Another Adoptive Parent To Be

Here is a picture of me and Missy. Another one of the blog friends that I have. We have the same DTE and are both wanting girls.

As you can see THE RED IS GONE...haha!

April 19, 2009

Nine Months

Usually when your are expecting, after nine months you have a baby in your arms. In adoption, nine months is just the beginning. Of course our journey has been much longer than nine months, but in official terms, our dossier was sent to Ethiopian nine months ago. I'm actually feel peace right now. I truly go through the emotions from day to day, but today I feel at peace. We are still VERY hopeful for a referral, court date and travel before August. I can't even think otherwise. It HAS to happen. Today I'm meeting my adoption blog friend Missy! Since I'm still in Texas and she is just two hours away, she's coming down to meet for lunch. I'm so excited to get to meet the second adoptive mommy from our agency that has the same date as us! I'll post pictures soon. I have one more mommy that I still need to meet, you know who you are. Okay....so maybe we'll meet in Ethiopia....lol!

April 8, 2009

Miles and his Roller Skates!

Nonnie and PaPa sent a package recently and Miles was absolutely thrilled! He had seen his cousin's skates last summer and cried for them. So after gearing him up with knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards we set him free! I can't believe this is my baby! He LOVES them!
Okay, notice he's showing off! Brandon called it the Micheal Jackson pose!

Meeting The Barrs

Last weekend we drove to Knob Noster, Mo to attend Alicia's adoption shower. She has the same DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia date) as we do and it was so nice to meet someone in real life. We have made so many friends online through blogs, forums, etc.. Alicia is so sweet and I can't wait to meet their new addition and set up a playdate! Notice we are both struttin our adoption t-shirts!