October 30, 2009


Consider it nothing but joy when you fall into all sorts of trials, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect effect, so that you will be perfect and complete, not deficient in anything. James 1:2-4

Joy. That is something my heart and soul have been filled with, joy! Even when I didn't appear to be filled with joy, I have always had joy deep down in my heart. I am so thankful and filled with joy to have a outstanding, faithful and compassionate husband. Miles is the light of my life! He's growing into a sweet, caring and forgiving young boy. These two boys are my joy. Nothing compared to the joy my God has given me, but yet joy. My God forgave me when I never thought I could be forgiven, He gave me a new life. A second, third, fourth chance. After living a not so joyous life, He forgave me and gave me a new one. How amazing is that?
He also brought us to adoption, to my little Marley. What a joy! The love I have for her is so deep, and uniquely profound.
Our journey to Marley as not been an easy one. I have fallen to my knees in desperation, cried in anger and frustration. I have rejoiced in seeing her face. I sang praises! Seeing her picture brought me out of a funk. It renewed my faith, and helped me to see that God is fulfilling His end of deal, not in my time, but His. Boy do I not like hearing that! So back to the scripture. I have leaned on this scripture throughout our journey. I know that I should find joy in everything. I am not perfect, so it has been difficult. Instead of exhibiting a joyous attitude, I would wallow my frustration with the process. I learned from that. I am still learning from that.
Recently, we passed court and were told to expect to travel for the November 12th embassy appointment. Oh my the joy! Diapers, formula and last minute supplies were purchased and her suitcase is packed. Arrangements had been made and we were finally seeing an end to this journey and longing to be with our baby. It seems as if our faith is being tested yet again. There is another delay. Not much longer, but yet again. Man, there is nothing like hyping yourself up to finally seeing this child we have yearned for for years and then to be told, "not yet." We have been told to expect to travel over Thanksgiving. Again, it is all tentative and won't be confirmed until 1-2 weeks before. I am really working on finding the joy in this.
God has given us this path to complete our family. We are honored that he has given us Marley, truly honored and appreciative. The least we could do is trust Him the rest of the way and to find joy in it.

October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Miles

It's so hard to believe that my little man is five years old today! What a ham! He is his father's son, that's for sure. Here is a recent picture of Miles and a picture of Brandon when he was about five. Crazy the resemblance. I hear a lot of people tell me that Miles looks just like me. I can see it, but I really think it's more because he's got a little of my coloring. He definitely has his daddy's features. I love this kid!
We haven't received word on travel confirmation. We were told we may not know until a week before. Still hoping to bring her home in November! So here's the recent picture of my little princess! I think they had just told her that she became a Hyman! Look at those gums!

October 23, 2009


Today we found out that little Marley became a Hyman! Travel is still not confirmed, but should be in the next 2-3 weeks. We are elated, and as promised...here is our baby girl!

October 21, 2009

Am I Really Doing This?

I'm researching travel arrangements! Seriously, it's right here! If all goes well on Friday, and then we are able to get into the November 12th Embassy appointment, we will be traveling in less than 3 weeks! Seriously! I've gotten some rates from a travel agent and done some of my own research. We can't confirm until we have confirmed travel dates through our agency, which can be only a week in advance! We knew that it would happen, but wow! My heart is bursting with excitement, love, joy and hope! My baby could be home in less than a month! My baby!
Back to my prayer list. Please, my friends, we have some prayer requests! We have learned the power of prayer and right now we need an army to help us finish this thing! It is almost done. Please add these to your prayers:
  • A successful court date on Friday (our Thursday night)
  • For our in country representative to be diligent in getting our paperwork and other items needed for court and for our Embassy appointment
  • For us to be able to get into the November 12th Embassy Appointment
  • For our childcare situation with Miles (we have a few options, but we need some of the details worked out)
  • For GREAT flight rates (we can try, right? lol!)
As you all know we have want our baby home, and it's a long time coming! We appreciate your positive thoughts, love and prayers. I am so excited to be able to give Marley her grand introduction to y'all on Friday!

October 20, 2009

Halloween 2009

Miles likes to make people laugh. When it comes to Halloween costumes, there's no such things as superheros for this kid! Last year, when we couldn't find a chicken costume for a four year old, he wanted to be a hot dog. And that he was! Such a hit. Well this year, he decided he wanted to be a sandwich. I tried to convince him to choose a store bought costume, but no, he insisted on a sandwich costume. Well guess what? Google sandwich costumes and you'll see that they don't exist! Well if you don't count the $1200 jumbo size Subway style costume. So off I went, and I have to say, I think it turned out good!

The Nursery

As our court date approaches, we are preparing for our little addition. Marley's room is just about complete. I made her crib skirt and her curtains and of course her framed name art. We love her room and can't wait for her to be in it. Recently, Miles had some neighborhood friends over and they walked into Marley's room and asked who's room it belonged to. I told them it was Miles' little sister's room. They stood there puzzled and asked, "is she asleep?" I said no. Then they asked if she was sleeping at her Grandma's house. I said, "no." Then the eldest girl asked, "then where is she?" I said she lives very far away and we hope to have her home soon. I wasn't sure how to explain adoption to a 6 year old. It's always been a subject in our house, so I haven't really had to explain it to another child. I suppose I should be practicing....lol! Well, I think I totally confused her and she probably went home concerned about the child that has a room, but isn't in it.
So here is Miss Marley's room! I'm so proud of the crib skirt and LOVE the pattern.

October 19, 2009

COURT DATE October 23rd!!!

We just received notification that our court date will be Friday, October 23rd! In FOUR days! If all goes well, we will officially be the parents of a 5 month old beautiful baby girl! There are many variables that have to happen for our court hearing to be successful. Please pray for a smooth and successful hearing and that all people and paperwork be in order and in attendance. Oh, and pray that the power is on!
Our tentative travel date to pick up Miss Marley is on or around November 8-15th. A lot depends on the outcome of our court hearing and if we are able to get into our agencies scheduled embassy appointment day of November 12th. We were given the go ahead to start planning out our flight arrangements! We can't finalize them until travel dates are confirmed, which could be 1-2 weeks before. AHHHHH....I can't believe we could have her home in the next four weeks! YAY! All we could do is thank God that he has heard our cries and has given us some favor! Thank you God!
I can't believe that I may be able to post her beautiful face up for the world to see, in just four days!

October 14, 2009

She's Five Months Old

Our precious girl is five months old! We are closer and closer to her everyday! As of today, we heard of a family that successfully passed court. That means that the courts are, in deed, open! Our petition for a court date was turned in prior to the court closing in August and we anticipate an email notifying us of our court date any day. We also anticipate an October court date, and November travel.
I'm sure you have learned by now, that nothing is a sure thing in adoption. I have been saying that we should have a call any day for over a year. I know that it is like crying wolf, I understand that. Hope is all we have. Hope that we will have a court date any day. Hope that we pass court sometime in October and hope that we have our little girl in our arms in November. Hope. We can't give anyone a for sure date. We can only hope and pray it is soon. There have been days when my hope has seemed to be gone, but it was there. It was just hard to see over my frustration and bitterness. My hope is my God and my Marley. I know He will bring her to us and I am learning more than ever to trust in Him and His plan!

October 7, 2009

It's October...

October is here. The Ethiopian courts have opened, however, they are in training. We expect them to be back and functioning next week. So, hopefully we will have our court date sometime next week. Initially, we were told that we could travel in late October. It looks like we are now looking at a November travel time. It's a little discouraging. We know that it's going to happen. It's just a little frustrating. Our little one will turn 5 months next week. What a great day to be issued a court day, right?!
Her room is coming right along. Pictures will be posted soon.