October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Miles

It's so hard to believe that my little man is five years old today! What a ham! He is his father's son, that's for sure. Here is a recent picture of Miles and a picture of Brandon when he was about five. Crazy the resemblance. I hear a lot of people tell me that Miles looks just like me. I can see it, but I really think it's more because he's got a little of my coloring. He definitely has his daddy's features. I love this kid!
We haven't received word on travel confirmation. We were told we may not know until a week before. Still hoping to bring her home in November! So here's the recent picture of my little princess! I think they had just told her that she became a Hyman! Look at those gums!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday, Miles!!!!

Chatter said...

Happy Birthday Miles! I am not sure if you remember us but we were at Abby & Roger's adoption get together at their home. We have 3 little boys. Anyway, our oldest Conner (who played with Miles) also had a birthday today.


julie said...

Marley is such a cutey! I'm praying you get to travle in November. Hang in there.


p.s. I mailed you our letter yesterday, you should get it soon.
Thanks again for being so sweet.