June 29, 2012

Uganda 2012

As you may know, I'm leading my first short term mission team to Uganda this summer!  We leave in just three weeks!  My team is a large one.  We have 30 people on the team. Our team has some big things planned and we would LOVE your help!
How can you help:

  • Formula - We will be working with various ministries that have a huge need for formula.  When a child is orphaned or abandoned, a mother's breast milk is no longer an option.  That is where formula comes in.  It is very expensive and difficult to find at times.  You can either purchase it and one of our team members can bring it in their luggage, or you can donate money for us to purchase it.  
  • Monetary Support - We have two big projects that we need help funding.  Since food is such a huge need, our team will be preparing and serving a feast for the children and staff at Kerith Children's Home and Canaan's Children's Home.  We will need to purchase animals for meat, fruit and vegetables, drinks and other supplies for this to happen.  Most children eat posho       (rice/porridge) and beans everyday.  Meat, fruits and vegetables are a luxury.  Our prayer is that God allows us so much provision, that the children and staff feel His love thru us serving them and feeding them well.
  • There are many needs, as you can assume, in the various Ugandan ministries.  From land, to vehicles, self sustainable projects and teachers salaries. You name it, there is probably a need for it.    

  • You can donate directly through Visiting Orphan's website.  This will get you a tax deduction.  Please go here and choose the fund category as Uganda July 21 Waiting List.  Then give away!  That's it!  The money collected through our team will be used for formula, food and whatever the Lord leads our team to do.  

Our team will be working with:
Last year, I was blown away by how God provided!  He uses people to get stuff done and He used so many of you last year.  I hope that you would consider joining me on a team one day!  

June 11, 2012

New in 30

What can you accomplish in 30 days?  Is there something that you have been postponing? Maybe you have been wanting to create a new habit. Perhaps it's big household project.  If you could focus on this one thing for 30 days, imagine how achievable your goal would be.

For me, I have been trying to read my One Year bible for almost ten years!  I would always get pumped up every January.  I would get thru to April one year, July another, but never all the way thru.  Bible studies have taken me thru different books in its entirety.  And I have done a ton of those. But I have always wanted to read the bible cover to cover.  My faith is huge part of my life, in fact the biggest.

I am proud to announce that I am half way there in 30 days!  I have read the entire New Testament in 30... okay 40 days! YouVersion, an amazing bible reading app, has several bible reading, devotionals, and study plans.  What made my New in 30 bible reading plan so accomplishable is the audio option.  I LOVE how technology makes this easier!  I listened to YouVersion read me my days worth of reading on the road, while I was cooking dinner, and while I was lying in bed instead of watching TV.  It was amazing.  I learned so much, and am already looking forward to my next reading plan of the Old Testament.

If reading the bible, even just one book of the bible has been something you have been wanting to do, I highly encourage you to try YouVersions, bible reading plans.  And remember, it has an audio option that reads to you!  Seriously, it can't get any easier!