April 19, 2009

Nine Months

Usually when your are expecting, after nine months you have a baby in your arms. In adoption, nine months is just the beginning. Of course our journey has been much longer than nine months, but in official terms, our dossier was sent to Ethiopian nine months ago. I'm actually feel peace right now. I truly go through the emotions from day to day, but today I feel at peace. We are still VERY hopeful for a referral, court date and travel before August. I can't even think otherwise. It HAS to happen. Today I'm meeting my adoption blog friend Missy! Since I'm still in Texas and she is just two hours away, she's coming down to meet for lunch. I'm so excited to get to meet the second adoptive mommy from our agency that has the same date as us! I'll post pictures soon. I have one more mommy that I still need to meet, you know who you are. Okay....so maybe we'll meet in Ethiopia....lol!


Ronnie and Suzi said...

Happy 9 months!! Such a big milestone, worth celebrating!!!

Justine said...

You name the place lady!! So jealous that you and Missy get to meet. Give her a big hug for me. Hope you are doing alright and surviving the week. Been thinking of you a lot. 9 months - honestly, i can't remember what life was like before we started this process. Can we please get on with things?!?!

Safe travels home. I'll be calling you soon - one way or another! Big hugs -

Your bestest blogging buddy ( :

Missy said...

I say we all need to plan a mommy get-away, especially if we get caught in the &#@*(*!! court closure!!!

It was so fun to meet you today!! Let's do it again (with the babies next time!!!!)