May 19, 2008


It has been almost three weeks since I mailed our I600A to the CIS office and did you notice...I haven't posted my anxiety rants about how impatient I am? LOL! Honestly, I've been so consumed by out upcoming move, I haven't had the time to worry about our adoption. See, God does work in mysterious ways. Maybe He knew I was going to need this move to focus on right now, to keep me from worrying about whose desk our paperwork is on and if they are actually processing it or if it is acting as a!

As many of you may remember and if you don't please read below, we always need your prayers. I was asking for the Immigration Stuff to be back to us within 5 weeks. Please remember us and our prayer list. So hopefully we'll get some kind of notification of something really soon. Our agency's waiting list is growing quickly and we need to get on that list asap to avoid having to wait another year for our baby to come home.

Yes, we know God's time is our time! But we have to do our part as well and after we are on the waiting list, then we are waiting on God's time and will accept it as that. I hear that a lot. "You know, you should wait on God's time." Okay people, we get that. But God is not going to bless laziness. We have to do our part to insure that all the paperwork is in and that we are on the waiting list in Ethiopia. I suppose a better way for some people to understand this would be a person praying for a better job and more income. "Well you should just wait on God's perfect timing." Yes you should. But you need to do your part. Get any job, go to school, better yourself for the market, like my pastor says, "get moving!" Don't just say you want something and don't work towards it and then claim that you are waiting on God's perfect timing. So if you see me and I'm anxious about our adoption, please know that I understand that He will give us a child in His time. But we have to do our part, and that is to get on that waiting list. I KNOW He is going to give us our baby girl in His timing. But again, we have to do our part and this paperwork stuff is it! Unless you have adopted before or are adopting right now, please just be our friends and family and love us and pray for us. This is already a hard wait as many of you know. There are so many of you that have had children since we began this journey and we are happy for you, please don't think I am talking to you. Just please don't judge us unless you've walked in our shoes. Okay, so I had to get that off my chest...and now I'm at peace (as my title states)!

There was a couple that got a referral of a little 2 1/2 year old boy within 2 weeks recently. WOW! Basically, there weren't any families before them requesting a boy of that age. Well we are looking for a girl up to 18 months, so maybe our referral will come sooner as well.

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Amanda & Andrew said...

I read your comment in the Yahoo Ethiopia room and thought I'd come by and say hi and lend my support.

Good luck with your upcoming move! I hope all goes smoothly and that your paperwork gets submitted in a timely manner. :)