January 9, 2010

Saturday January 9, 2010

What an eventful day. Good times and not so good times, but nonetheless memorable. After a day cooped up in the house, Miles, Marley and I headed out for an afternoon at Jump Mania with a friend. We were so excited to get out and Miles was too thrilled to get to play with his buddy. I was feeding Marley and heard his friend mention something about Miles and that he was hurt. My girlfriend scooped my crying, no bawling, son out of the bounce house and we swapped kids. His cry was so deep, it brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to comfort him, but I couldn't. I kind of froze for a minute, not knowing what was hurting or what or how to fix it. Jump Mania was crazy, no CRAZY! It was packed full of children getting out of the house, like us, and children from birthday parties. My friend kept Marley as I got the car seat out of the car and into the place. I handed her my MacGyver Mom Diaper Bag, along with Marley and left with Miles to the ER.
Of course I had no clue where I was geographically, and where the closest ER was. Yeah, I know, I have lived here over a year, but who needs to learn your own town when you own a GPS! We arrived at St. Johns Emergency Room in just a few minutes. Miles cried the whole way. I could hear the pain in his cries and hid my own tears to avoid scaring him. I carried him up the icy parking lot and into the hospital. They registered us, took us back to a room and had him in x-ray within 5 to 10 minutes. Poor Baby. He kept telling me he loved me and that he never, ever wanted to go to Jump Mania again. Sweet Boy. He held me tight, with his good arm and told me not to leave him there alone, with his bottom lip puckered. Well, he broke his wrist. The splinted it, and we will have it put in a cast on Monday, after the swelling goes down. So today, Saturday January 9, 2010, my baby boy broke his first bone.
Now for some better news! When I got home and settled, Brandon told me that after he got home from picking Marley home from our friend, that he was getting her out of her car seat, and she reached for him with both arms! This is HUGE! She knows who we are, or at least we think she does. She has done a body lean towards us, with a slight one armed reach, but never a full two arm, "pick me up Daddy" reach. Oh, how I wish I could have seen that! I am hoping for mine tomorrow!
I also opened the mail to find Marley's Permanent Resident Card! I cried...AGAIN! Sad tears and happy tears in one day! Oh, what a day!
And because she is just too darn cute with her new curlhawk, here is Miss Marley sportin' her new style! Yeah, those curls are coming in, I can't wait!


Missy said...

Oh no, poor Miles!!!! HUGS from all of us and BIIISSSSCCCUUUIIITTT!!!!!
Wish we could sign his cast!!!

LOVE the reaching for Daddy thing....Ru is starting to do it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Justine said...

Poor Miles ): That face. Sounds like a very emotional day. Love that your girl is figuring it all out. So good to talk to you this week! Nice to know there is someone out there that understands!

courtney rose said...

Ohhh, Miles. Sweet boy.

Alida said...

Oh poor baby ... Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery! Marley is as cute as she can be!

Steph said...

Girl, you did have a day! Heartache and triumph all at once. I'm tellin' ya that will wear you out!!!
I know how much the reaching means to you guys. I'm sure the little coaching I've done with her helps! Ha! Ha!
You all are such a blessing to us! Hugs to everyone! Love you!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Oh my word, girl! You had a crazy weekend...Poor Miles. I'm actually floored that my 2 boys haven't broken a bone yet...just cracked their heads over and over and over and... ;-) Miss Marley is just getting MORE cute with that curlhawk (LOL on that name!)...I'm thrilled you had a good cry in all that.

Very bummed we missed you guys on New Years Eve...hope to hook up with you guys SOON!

Jill said...

OMG! Poor Miles! I'm just so glad you had a good friend there with you to take over Marley's care so you could take care of Miles. What a crazy day! And I was just researching jumpy houses for Mari's birthday party....I think we will skip that! Big hugs to Miles!!!!!

Haney Family... with one on the way! said...

Oh, poor little guy - I hope he is starting to feel better!

Lindsey said...

Girl, I cried reading that! Sweet Miles! What a fond memory you will have of this!