November 29, 2010

Happy Family Day 2010

Today marks the day that we have been a Family Day of four for one year! In the adoption world, there are so many benchmarks to celebrate. However, Family Day will be the one we celebrate every year! November 29, 2009 is when Me, Brandon and Marley walked off a series of planes after about 23 hours of traveling and ran into Miles' arms. It was the day that we were FINALLY all together! What a day. I can still remember Miles running up to me in his winter coat with a HUGE smile. He missed us tremendously. I remember the way he was all over Marley. This was the sibling that we had prayed for, talked about and cried about for years. He was instantly in love!
It's amazing how a five year old can have such a profound love for a new sibling! He was used to having all of the attention, but having her in our lives never seemed to bother him. In fact, he often tells me how much he loves Marley and how thankful he is that she is in our lives. I'm for real! He's got a heart, my sweet boy.
After one year of being a family of four, I have to say that yes....It was worth the wait. And yes, God does know what He is doing! I know, I'm such a hypocrite! I hated hearing those words while we were waiting, but it is so true. I still promise not to shove those phrases down any prospective adoptive parents throat. But goodness, is it true!
Marley came home a tiny tiny little girl, weighing just 11 lbs. at 6 1/2 months old. She could barely hold her head up, had no use of her legs, didn't roll over, but was full of joy. She was the one God had intended for our family, and we for her. Within months she progressed at tremendous rates and is now on target, or, for her age! I hope you too will enjoy of video of how we became a family one year ago today!


Kris & Staci Hansel said...

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! Just celebrated our referralversary a coule of weeks ago. Man time flies when you're having fun.

-Kris & Staci

Shonni said...

Yes, congratulations...what a precious time to remember!!!!!

Ben and Kate said...

Wow, Marley has grown so much! I love how happy Miles is meeting his sister. Elisa, you are blessed with a beautiful happy family.