January 30, 2011

Mission: Uganda

This last week it hit me, I'm going to Uganda in just four months! I am overjoyed! To get to love on God's children, the ones He loves, the ones He fathers, the ones that need so much. I get to serve these little ones. Oh the joy that is in my heart! I can't wait to provide for these children!
This is my first mission trip, and I am hoping to learn how to lead my own group of missionaries on future trips just like this one. These are just a few of the children I will be visiting on my trip.
Just three days ago I received an email saying that all my mission money is due on March 1. AHHHHHH, what?! I faithfully believe that God will provide. I just felt like I had so much more time. But then it hit me, oh my goodness, I'm leaving in four months. The panic start to set in. I have 30 days to raise at least $3000-$3500. Okay, I'm cool with that. Basically, I just need to raise about $100-$150 a day for the next month. So doable, right?! I have decided to have COMPLETE and FULL trust in God and not worry. This does not mean that I won't do my part. Quite opposite. I am taking on Substitute Teaching jobs, I am doing bakes sales, and I am babysitting. I will do everything in my power to raise this money and beyond. But I WILL NOT WORRY! Please hold me accountable to that. If you hear me start to have a tone of fear, please remind me to have faith!

So here are the details of my trip:

I will be traveling June 1-12 to Jinja, Uganda. The trip is being organized by the organization Visiting Orphans.

The vision of Visiting Orphans is:
  • To enlist Church volunteers to visit orphanages so they may meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans.
  • To develop relationships, provide comfort and to share the Gospel with orphans.
  • To provide financial aid for child sponsorship, medical assistance and construction to improve the living conditions of orphans.
  • To mobilize Christian churches to help orphans experience the blessing of family.

I will be traveling with a team of about 30 people. The team will be lead by the wonderful Kari Gibson and Michael Smalley.

Here is our team website.

While in Uganda, we will be working with:

The trip will cost approximately $3,000-$3,500 depending on the cost of flights. I am hoping to raise above and beyond this amount to be able to provide tremendous support while in Uganda.

You can support me and my team in several ways:
  • You can make a direct donation to my Paypal account (Paypal option is on right side of screen).
  • You can be my billboard. Tell your friends, family, whoever about our work in Uganda. Advertise on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can make a tax deductible donation through Visiting Orphans. Just be sure to select the June 1-12, Uganda trip. Select "yes" when asked, "Would you like to designate this donation to a specific team member?" Type "Elisa Hyman" in the box provided.
  • You can purchase a Simply Love T-Shirt. These are amazing and I have several from others fundraisers. What a great way to show your support for orphans and missions!
  • If you are in Springfield, Missouri, I could REALLY use some help with baking. I need bakers to provide items for my bake sales, people to help at the bake sales, someone to find locations for bake sales.
  • I could also use an individual or team of people to organize any other fundraising ideas!

Most importantly, remember to PRAY for my team over the coming months. I am so excited to see how God is going to use us!

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How do I buy a Simply love t-shirt? I want one!!

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