February 8, 2011

Complete Faith

So many times in my life journey, I worry, I fear and then I complain. I lack faith. Whatever the pray du jour, I lack the faith that God will provide. Well, I know that He will provide, the thing is that I want things in my time and in my way. I fear that He won't get it done according to my plan. So funny, isn't it? I'm not living my life as my own. I am His. Every week during worship, I surrender myself to Him and say, "Here I am, arms open wide." I truly want to surrender myself to God and have Him use me as He wants. BUT, I am human, and I worry and doubt and complain and want things my way and in my time.
I will be traveling to Uganda in less than four months on my first mission trip. I am overjoyed to be part of this team of 30 missionaries. I have chosen to have complete faith that God will provide the money that I will need to go on this trip and go above and beyond that, so that I can give generously. So far, I am at peace. I am not worrying. I have been doing bake sales, and I'm working on T-shirt sales. I have sent out letters to family and friends asking for support, and I have faith! I prayed over every letter, every baked good, and I will pray over every T-shirt. I will have the faith! It feels so freeing!
And just because, here is a picture of Marley doing the "My Mama's Got Faith" dance!

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Shonni said...

How exciting to get to go to Uganda...I would love to go again...