August 23, 2011

This is the Good Life!

During the past year, I prayed and fundraised more than I ever have, to accomplish a calling.  I had felt God tugging on my heart for missions for a very long time.  I took a leap of faith and God came through and so did you!  My friends and family supported my mission trip in huge ways.  I was blown away by the amount of support, and I am forever thankful for it!

I want you to know that by supporting my mission trip to Uganda, you have had a piece in something much larger than a trip to love on orphans.  First, every ministry we served at, received a monetary donation.  I was even able to give above and beyond, which was a huge blessing, as many ministries work with so little.  We also were able to bring hundreds of pounds of requested donations, such as medical supplies, clothes, shoes, sports and game equipment and much more.  Because you all gave so generously, I was able to as well.  There were a few times I slipped very very poor mothers money and they bowed down at my feet.  It broke me.  I wasn't so great to be bowed down to. God made it happen, thru you!

I have been home for two months now.  The experience I had was unforgettable, in fact it has given me much more than I was able to give.  It gave me my calling, something I have been searching for for a long time.  The feeling I had, to finally know what I was put on this earth to do, is undescribable!

Brandon and I will be attending the Visiting Orphan's Leader Training this fall and plan to attend or lead one mission trip a year for the next six years.  By that time, Brandon will be retiring from the Navy, and we hope to go into missions full time.  We don't know what that will look like yet, we just know that this trip confirmed a lot for us.  I could see my family living there.  I could see my children growing up with the children there.  I could see my husband and me serving together…there.

If you have ever felt the desire to go on a mission trip…GO!  If  you have no desire, that's okay…GIVE, and help others go!   I would love for everyone of you to join me on a trip someday!  I look forward to seeing what God leads me to next!

Again, thank you for the prayers and financial support!

This is the Good Life! from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

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