October 19, 2011

Navy Wife

I LOVE my Sailor, that's no secret!  I love him almost as much as I love being a navy wife.  I grew up as a Navy Brat, and know no other way of life! We live in a town where we are one of about 10 active duty Navy families. It has made me realize that I have enjoyed civilian life for over three years now.  Our time is coming to an end!  We will be transfering next summer and I need to start thinking more of life on base!

You know you're a Navy Wife if…
  • You understand the phrase "your wife doesn't come with your sea bag." 
  • Your kids think that the random Sailor in uniform at the commissary is thier Daddy!
  • You still haven't taken the stickers off of your furniture from your last move two years ago!
  • You can unpack a house and have everything in place 48 hours after your belongings are delivered
  • You need a translator to talk to your civilian friends, because they have no idea what DFAS, LES, NEX, BAH, PSD, PCS, and duty mean.
  • You mark time in duty stations, not years.
  • You might have an MRE in your garage!
  • You've learned to sleep through the sounds of planes, helicopters, foghorns and jets.
  • Someone with a machine gun asks to see your ID before you enter the "gated community."
  • You can leave your kids with the wife next door, after just meeting her yesterday.
  • Your husbands clothes are still folded the way he learned in Boot Camp!
  • Everyone in your family was born in a different state or country.
  • Your drivers licence, licence plates and current state of residence are all different.
  • You know that inspection means you won't be seeing much of your hubby.
  • Your dining table is filled with the CMC, CO and SOY for Thanksgiving!
  • You know who the above are!
  • Sometimes you can't stand the life, but can't imagine it any other way

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