November 8, 2011

My Babies

I have some pretty cute kids!  I love them dearly and am very thankful that I am a mom to not just one, but two earthly angels.  

Miles just turned seven…seven!  I can't believe I have a child that old!  He is such a sweet boy and is going to make an amazing man, husband and father one day.  He still likes to cuddle with us and wants me to hold him when he has had a bad day.  I LOVE IT!

Marley…well she's just a big ham!  For one, she KNOWS she's cute, and uses it to her advantage.  She just learned how to say Paweeeeeeaaaassseeee, when she wants something really really bad.  I'm sure the eye batting will be coming next.  When she is not playing mommy with her baby dolls, she is dressing up in her tutu's and jewlery!  A very fashionable and loving mommy she will make one day.

It just amazes me that in just a few weeks, we will be celebrating our Family Day!  On November 29th, Marley will have been home for two years!  

Adoption is such an amazing thing.  In the beginning, it is exciting, challenging, frustrating, painful.  Then is becomes exciting again, and then challenging, frustrating and painful all over again.  But once they are home and they are yours, all the difficult times just seem to fade away, and become a distant memory. 

For us, after two years, the topic of adoption mostly only comes up when someone else brings it up.  It's not that we are avoiding the topic, it's just that it's not as important of a topic anymore.  Marley is our daughter.  Yes, she came to us through adoption, and we celebrate that.  But she is our daughter, just as Miles is our son.  We forget a lot of times that she was not born of my body.  

Adoption will forever be a part of our family and a part of Marley's "story."  But it will not define WHO Marley is, just how she came to us.  We talk about Ethiopia often.  It's so amazing how a two year old can begin to learn her story at such a young age.  She points to the many many Africa t-shirts we have and says "me!"  I love it!  And we celebrate it!  
I love my two babies.  One born of the body, and one born of the heart.  

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