June 22, 2013

Kenya Days 13-14

Day Thirteen

This morning, Brittany and I woke up around 5:00 a.m. to fill Hannah's room with balloons and sing Happy Birthday.  Her mother had sent me a birthday care package almost two months ago and I was anxious to share it with her! 

The kids were dismissed from school today so we took a nature walk to the nearby lake.    It is so beautiful in Kenya!  As we got closer to the water, there was a sign that said "Beware of Hippo!"  What?!  Thankfully, we did not have any encounters!  As we walked, the kids grabbed wild cactus fruit and carefully ate them.  What a beautiful land these kids get to explore.
At evening worship, I realize that I've been claimed by a little girl named Milcah.  She placed her bible on a chair next to hers and doesn't move it until I walk in.  Just like my Ugandan girls, she doesn't say much.  But holds my hand tightly and likes to be held in my arms.  So that's what we do!  I put my arm around her during worship, I put her face in my hands and tell her how beautiful she is when I say good night, and we walk hand in hand.  That's how I play Mama to these kids.  That's all they want, to be someone's undivided attention.  She waits patiently for me at the bottom of the stairs during our teams mealtime and she saves my seat in worship time.  She wrote me letters everyday and today she wrote it to Mom! 

We went to Amazing Grace Ministry today, which houses about 30 children ages 4 and up.  They truly have very little, but are full of joy!  The ministry director has a calling to love on these kids in a family setting, not like an orphanage. The kids are full of love and spirit.  They very proudly showed us their individual gardens, their rabbits, ducks and cows.  They had two puppies that are supposed to be guard dogs, but are slowly turning into pets, after the kids had watched an American kids movie introducing them to pets living in a home.  They keep asking if their dogs can sleep inside with them, but to Africans, that is silly!

One of our team members got to preach tonight at evening worship.  Kristi did an amazing job.  I'm so glad she stepped up, I was worried about having to do it myself...lol!  After the kids had their evening worship, our team spent some time in our devotional and worship time.  Naomi, made a special birthday song for Hannah, which was hilarious! And Brittany and I introduced the warm fuzzy books I had made for each team member.  We began writing about our memories together.

Day Fourteen
This is our last full day together.  We had some of our team working in the Fiwagoh clinic, some playing with kids, and some teaching at the school.  Most of the teachers handed over their classrooms to our team.  Our team taught science, social studies, math,and English.  We dipped out when it came to Swahili, ha! 

In the afternoon, we visited Haven of Hope again.  The team really seemed to enjoy spending time with the kids there.  We unloaded donations of clothes, crafts and sports equipment.  The kids sang a few songs for us and we preformed a few for them.  What a beautiful ministry! 

After dinner and Fiwagoh worship, it was time for our team to process and come to a close.  We gave the opportunity for anyone to share any talent, or scripture.  Hannah showed us how she can lick her elbow, and Brittany and I preformed a reenactment of Praise Him, a hilariously bad performance from some young adults in Kampala.  We got serious and talked about what is next?  Many shared how God worked thru them during this trip.  It was awesome!  We had our final team worship and we belted it out!  We cried out to God and praised Him for brining us together. 

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