December 13, 2013


While prayer hasn't always been my first response to a joyous occasion or a trying time, it is becoming more of my everyday life as my faith strengthens.  Recently, I asked God to give me eloquent words when I pray.  I often have many opportunities to pray aloud with people and would love to pray with beautiful sounding words and without stammer.  Instantly, I felt God telling me that He just wants my prayers, not fluffy words.  What a peace that brings.  My prayers are for His ears and he doesn't need fluff!

As a short term mission leader to African countries, I pray with and for many ministries and individuals.    Some are seeking financial provision, some with illness and others with spiritual warfare.  My prayers are no greater than theirs.  But together, as believers, we agree in prayer.
Last June, I was introduced to a tiny 3 lb. baby boy that had just been brought to the orphanage I was working with.  He had no name and needed to be held around the clock for warmth.  There are no incubators or medical monitoring equipment.  The little boy laid in torn, stained blankets on a bunk bed alone.  I swept him up into my arms and held him to my chest.

I had the honor of naming this little one.  He was so small and fragile and needed a big strong name to grow into.  I named him Brandon, after my husband who stands at 6'7"!  Baby Brandon laid on my chest all day.  I prayed over him all day.  I asked God to give him life, health, strength.  I prayed for a family for baby Brandon.  I prayed for him to know the Lord.  I prayed.  I left baby Brandon just as I found him.  Wrapped in tattered blankets and laying on a bunk bed.  I believed that our God would protect him.

Six months had past and it was time for me to lead another team.  I called the director of the baby home to let her know I would be arriving the next day and she told me that baby Brandon was in the hospital.  She feared his life.  My heart sank!  Just the day before, he fell ill and was have convulsions.  He was taken to the children's hospital and diagnosed with Pneumonia and Sepsis.

As I walked into the hospital, my heart started racing.  What would I see?  How fragile would he be?  Would he cry when I picked him up?  Would I be allowed to pick him up?  The wards were full of rusty hospital beds and torn mattresses.  Children were everywhere with family members hovered over their children in desperation.  There were no IV's, no monitors an no nurses.  Just a slew of children laying on beds and their families either laying next to them or on the floor.  Baby Brandon was asleep when I walked in.  I wondered why such a sick child was there with no medical equipment.  Nothing monitoring his health.  I picked him up and returned him to my chest, just as he had been six months ago.  He whimpered as he woke up.  Then his eyes met mine and he stared and then smiled.  It was as if we were meant for each other.  I told him how much I loved him and how big he has gotten.  And then I prayed over him.  I asked God to again bring him health and strength.  I prayed for the doctors to have God's wisdom in treating him.  I prayed for Brandon to have a testimony of God's healing power.

As my time drew to an end, I again placed baby Brandon just as I found him, on the tattered mattress in the rusty bed.  I held back tears as I walked out of the crowded hospital ward.  I was introduced to baby Brandon's doctor.  He told me that Brandon was doing miraculously much better and that he would be going back to the orphanage in two days!  He also shared with me his first encounter with this small boy.  He recalled the same tiny, fragile baby that I met, and said that he was surprised the orphanage staff even brought him in because his survival was not probable.  I smiled and said prayer saved him, just as it was healing him now.

Our meeting is no accident!  It was a divine appointment that gave me the opportunity to pray over him.   It was an opportunity for God to show me His power and and opportunity for me to share the story of healing with others.  We were brought into each others lives so that God can get the glory!  I needed to be reminded of the power of prayer and he needed prayer.  I look forward to seeing this sweet boy in the next six months!

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