July 21, 2014

Five Years Ago ...

Five years ago, my phone rang.  Not just the regular ring, but the carefully selected ring that sounded like a slot machine going off.  The ring I chose for our adoption agency.  I had been waiting over THREE YEARS for that ring!  It confused me when it finally happened.  I remember looking at the phone and seeing CHI, our agency, on the caller ID.  I was still confused, or maybe in shock.

I answered with a cautious, "hello?"  The voice on the line said, "Brandon, are you on the line?"  That was it!  I KNEW we were getting our referral for our daughter.  Brandon was at work, and as discussed years before, he knew when that call came he would come home and we would open the email containing our daughters picture together.

It seemed like it took hours for him to get home.  We watched this image come on the computer screen and that was it!  She was ours!

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Cara McMorris said...

Haha! Marley still makes that face! Love you guys!