August 25, 2014

Do Something! Visiting Orphans Uganda June 2014 Trip Video

This past team to Uganda was AMAZING!  God brought us all together and ROCKED our worlds.  We were broken!  We served and we loved! As a leader, I love watching the transformation that happens in my team's lives.  Many are seeing need like they have never seen before.  They are changed as God begins to work in them.  THIS, my friends, is only the beginning!

Visiting Orphans June 2014 Uganda Team from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

On this team, we served at Return Ministries, Abide Ministries, My Father's House, Healing Fatith, Sangaalo Baby Home and Sole Hope.

If God is stirring something in you to Do Something, then I urge you…Do Something!  We ARE the change He wants to see in the world.  He uses US!

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