May 5, 2015

The Real Me

I live many lives, and have many hats.  I am a military wife.  A mom and an adoptive mom.  A short term missionary and advocate.  I volunteer in my military community to fundraise, and I mentor other military spouses.  I lead small groups within my church.  But I also love a good girls night out.  I enjoy a good margarita.  I listen to secular music.  I joke and play pranks on my friends.  If I really like you, you'll get a slap on the butt!  I'm an open book.   It's who I am.

I love my Jesus, that's no secret.  I blare my worship music everywhere!  But I'm also a very real person.  I'm loud and outspoken.  I'm a bit crazy and sometimes rash and sarcastic.  I am far from perfect, but I am real.  As Steve Harvey put it, "Don't trip, He ain't thru with me yet!"

Recently, someone questioned my authenticity.  Their words seemed as if they were putting me up on a pedestal to meet the expectations that they had of a spiritual leader.  I do agree that spiritual leaders should be held to a higher standard.  People are watching you.  But I am not God.  I don't sing Kumbaya 10 hours a day, nor do I pray for 5 hours at a time.  I am not perfect. I am flawed.  But I am real.  And I feel that being real with people and genuinely being the same person you are on Saturday as on Sunday is key.  Love Jesus everyday.  Strive for a stronger testimony everyday.  I have had non Christians be more receptive to my faith because they feel less threatened by me.  They see me.  They see I'm flawed.  They see me and my crazy self everyday, but they also know I love the Lord.

If I was to take it down a notch, and not joke around.  I would be a hypocrite.  I would be putting on a facade to appease others.  God has made me ME!  He made me spontaneous, he made me loud, he made me crazy and full of passion about a lot of things.  And I believe He made me that way so that others can see that Christians don't all have it together, but our God does!  I strive to grow in my faith and it's a journey I am on everyday.

But for those who question my authenticity, I ask…How many people are you winning over with your methods?  How many people want to hear about Christ's love for them through you?