April 23, 2008

The Neverending Homestudy...

We won the award for longest time to compose a homestudy! Okay so maybe not, but whew we are close! We started our original homestudy May of 2007 through the Texas state foster/adopt system. We had it verified and signed in October of 2007. Why did it take 6 months to verify and complete? Well that's another story! We changed agencies to go international in January 2008 and well... it's almost May again. I don't recall praying the prayer for patience...lol! I don't understand how hard an update can be, really! First it was going to be by the beginning of March, then I was promised our homestudy this Monday and it's Wednesday and it seems like no one is returning my calls and now it looks like next week again! I really don't understand how almost 5 months after starting with our new agency we still don't have an update?


angie said...

how frustrating!!

we are waiting for our home study as well! it is SO hard when everything is out of your hands and there is nothing you can do to speed things up!

i am looking forward to following your journey. you son is precious :)


Jodi said...

Grrr - it seemed to take forever to get ours as well, but... I think you should keep calling them until they get it done - twice a day ought to do it, huh? Good luck to you.

LISA said...

GRRR!! I'm with Jodi! Call them until they get it done!But then... the SW'r will think you have no patience! I hope it speeds up for you!

Debbie said...

wow I don't understand that either!!! I would be calling or emailing if it were me!!!