February 28, 2009

7990 Miles to Ethiopia!

Last night we met an AMAZING group of adoptive families here in Springfield! A friend of a friend invited us to this group and it was so awesome to meet other families that have already made the journey and many who are right where we are. I am just so excited to know that there are so many families right here, real Ethiopian children...lol! I know that sounds hilarious, but after watching so many photo montages, videos on blogs and forums, it's so cool to see real live adopted children from Ethiopia. And the families were so great, did I say that yet?

So here is a shirt that someone was selling for a fundraiser. Brandon bought me one, my first! So our journey will be 7,990 miles from Springfield, MO. If you are one of the families from Springfield, please comment so I can add you to my blog list and keep track of you too!