June 16, 2009

Feeling Pretty Good!

I'm feeling pretty good. I've pretty much come to terms that we will not get a referral or travel anytime soon. Yes, we are still on the top of the list, but due to many different reasons, we will probably be looking at travel in the fall. It's still possible to get our "call," but the courts will be closing down for two months for the rainy season. Honestly, I think I am good with it. It took a lot to let go of that, but it's done and I feel good.


Missy said...

Yep, after I accepted it, everything felt soo much better!!! So now let's do family vacay in July and both get our calls while we are all together?!!??!?

Justine said...

You sounded much better yesterday. I could hear it in your voice. A good friend told me once to just give it up to God (: Sounds like you're taking your own advice. No matter when it happens - it will still be the most amazing day and I'll be bawling my eyes out with you.