June 17, 2009

Updated Garden Pictures

The garden is doing fabulous! Peas are almost done. Carrots and onions are growing and should be ready to harvest in about a month. The 13 tomato plants are just starting to show their fruit. I can't wait! Remember, my goal is to can a year supply of tomatoes and salsa! Green beans are almost ready. The spinach is done and broccoli is almost done. Peppers are just starting to sprout. My sunflowers are as tall as Miles now! It's so beautiful! I love it!
Full Garden June 2009
Roma Tomatoes
Carrots, Onions and PeasTomatoesBroccoli



Missy said...

YUMMY!!! Great job!! I really want to taste that salsa!!

Gretchen Magruder said...

What a great looking garden!! Mine is much weedier!!

Erin Sager said...

WOW good job...Looks great!

Alida and Geno said...

Wow Eliza, you got some skills girl. I could never get a garden to look like this. I'm still struggling with my 4 Gardenias I planted back in March ..... wow, I'm impressed!!!