September 19, 2009

The Crib

Brandon surprised me the other night, by pulling out the crib! I looked over and there he was, in Marley's room and had all the crib pieces out and ready to assemble. My man, he is such a find! This is our first real step towards preparing for her arrival. Miles has been getting very anxious to meet his little sister and assisted in the crib building. The bed set will be changing, we are still staying pretty simple with the bedding.
Call us crazy, well I suppose we are a little bit crazy, but regardless you'll be confirming it after this! We have a pretend! Someone passed on pretend Marley to us as somewhat of a joke and well here she is.
I always said that I would be dressing Marley up in bows bigger than her head. Here is the beginning of that! I hit up a craft sale today and got a great deal on a few starters! Miles thinks pretend Marley is great. Here is him putting her in her new crib....hilarious I know!
As of yet, we still do not have a court date, but remain optimistic that it will be in mid October with possible travel in November. We have learned that when it comes to adoption, to expect the unexpected, so we know things may come up. We still remain hopeful! If all goes as planned, Marley will be home around the time she turns six months old.

**If these pictures are disturbing to you please know that we do not carry around pretend Marley to the store, bath her or try to feed her. She is just a funny little doll...haha**


Justine said...

YEAHHHH!!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that crib going up! And, yes, Brandon is quite the catch. Putting the crib up to surprise you - your heart must have melted! I am praying and hoping for November travel for you. Get the rest of that room ready.

p.s. Love fake Marley and her cool fashion sense. Need some of those bows for my girl. She keeps pulling all the "prettys" out of her hair.

Missy said...

Fake Marley....too funny. But cute!!! Glad to see the preparations are underway!!!

Ronnie and Suzi said...

Hysterical! But I have to say I love it! So happy for you guys! Can't wait to see 'real' Marley in your arms!!!

Tania said...

Well, if you are am I. I too had a fake Sabah. I put her in the stoller, car seat, crib, etc....just nothing out in public.

Can't wait to hear when you get a court date. The crib is beautiful. And Miles looks like he is going to be one great big brother.

Alida and Geno said...

What handy men you have Elisa ... both of them ... very excited for you. Wishing you and praying for a NOVEMBER TRAVEL .... hopefully, along with Missy!

Kris & Staci said...

You're putting up your crib and we just took ours down. Ours was recalled by Babys R' Us. Glad to hear the nursery is coming along!

The Richards said...


We've just been approved to adopt through CHI, and I found your blog through Missy. The fake Marley is a hoot! I love it.