September 23, 2009

Meeting Tsegay and Almaz

These wonderful people are in charge of House of Hope. House of Hope is the home where Marley is right now, waiting for us. Tsegay and Almaz came to the United States on vacation and we drove up to St. Louis to show our pretty faces, and get to meet the people who get to love on Marley! This couple is so humble and genuinely passionate about caring for orphans. After meeting them, we found out that our paperwork HAS been submitted for a court date! As soon as the courts reopen, we should be assigned a date. If all goes as planned, he said we could possibly travel at the end of October! Okay, that is like five weeks away. OMG! Seriously, that really is such amazing news. Now, we do understand that a lot of things are out of our control, but we are really finally coming up! AHHHHHH!
I also got to see one of my very best adoption mommies in St. Louis. Missy and I had a blast and are really hoping to travel together! Her little one and Marley share the same Nanny!

Here is a picture of our Ethiopian food, half eaten. It was so beautiful, we just dug in and then decided to take a picture. We have some kind of beef, chicken and vegetable. It was all served with Injera, a spongy type of tortilla. Very yummy!


Gretchen Magruder said...

SO excited to meet you and Missy in person and see the faces of those beautiful babies!! After we left I kicked myself for not getting a group picture of all of our blogging buddies...I guess I'm still getting used to keeping track of 3 kids!

Jill said...

I wished I lived close enough to get to one of the Meet and Greets. Tsegay and Almaz are absolutely wonderful. It must have been very reassuring to you to meet them now...if everyone could meet them while they wait, I think they would get such a peace that their children are in good hands. It's hard not to be able to fly right over and be with them but it helps to know the people that are caring for them. Hoping for a quick, successful court date!

Alida and Geno said...

Oh how I wish I could've been there!!! You guys look so happy and seemed to have had a wonderful time! How excited I am for you and Missy! I can't believe that you ladies are almost at the end of this incredible journey!!! Praying for both of you and for your precious little daughters!

LISA said...

I wish we could have visited st. Louis!

Ressie said...

Wow! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you welcoming Marley into your home and I cant help but smile. I love you guys! I admire you and am so proud to know that I have such loving and blessed friends. Cant wait to see more pics...even if it is of Doll Marley for now!

PS...Ethiopian food is amazing. I had it once in Amsterdam. The pic makes my mouth water!