March 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010 (Corpus Christi)

On the road we went. That drive was something else! But we made it. And the weather was amazing! Marley had not shown any skin on U.S. soil in the four months she has been here, so it was time. We put her in a sun dress and BOOM....instant Texan!
We got to go to Bay Area Fellowship only to be blown away yet again. God is doing some pretty amazing things at that church! The Million Dollar Giveaway is this weekend and we are going to miss it! If you are in South Texas for Easter this year, this church is the place to be! They are giving away at least 10 cars! Man, I wonder if they have a!

Mimi got to meet Marley.

Marley and Ru (Marley's BFF from Ethiopia) had a reunion. They live in San Antonio and drove down to see us. Marley and Ru got to hang out in the slings, play in the swings, got called twins and went to the beach. I loved seeing Missy, my adoption mommy friend!


Missy said...

:) You know we LOVED seeing you all!! CAN"T wait til July!!!!

Alida said...

Awwwwww... Marley and Ru together ... and the mommies too .... so cute!!!!