October 14, 2010

Out of touch.................

Brandon here!!! So the other day Miles comes home from school and says "Daddy I have a note from school". Automatically I am thinking "Great, his teacher wants to inform me he is misbehaving"......but no, he hands me this note to read and to my surprise it is from a girl. A note from a 7 year-old girl (keep in mind Miles is 5) and it has her phone number on it!!! I was speechless. Not because of the note, but because I was SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL before I got a girl's phone number!!! LOL. Almost immediately that old Hall & Oates song "Your out of Touch" started playing in my head.

I don't know if I have become naive, if this is my reality to remind me I am getting old, or both! Now I know that the note is a totally innocent and sweet gesture, but I don't remember kids being this advanced (aggressive even) at their ages. I was too worried about Legos and Lincoln Logs back then to think about girls. But I have to look at like this too: Internet, Cable, Ipods, sup'd up gaming systems, all these things we have come to love and enjoy were not around back in the day. All the technology obviously advances as time marches on, so why wouldn't our kids advance right along with it? I mean, Miles was able to navigate to the Playhouse Disney website all on his own at age 3, while to this day I still can't successfully set the time on a VCR........if I still used one it would still blank "12:00" till the end of time.

So maybe I am not terribly out of touch after all, but I might still take his bedroom door off of the hinges for good measure! LOL!

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