July 18, 2013

Four Years Ago

It's crazy to think that four years have past since we saw Marley's face for the first time!  I remember that day like it was yesterday!  I had programmed my cell phone to ring like a slot machine when our adoption agency called.  I heard that special ring and it didn't really set in.  I was on pins and needles for almost a year.  Seriously!  I carried my camcorder with me everywhere for months hoping to catch the call on camera.
The phone rang, and I heard our adoption worker say hello and then acknowledge that Brandon was on  the call as well.  I knew what that meant…we were about to be matched with a little girl!  She told us her name and that she was just six weeks old.  She emailed us some pictures and said, "Congratulations, It's a Girl!"  Brandon and I had planned this day out ahead of time.  So I waited what seemed like an eternity for him to get home and we opened the email together.  That was it!  Our perfect little girl starred at us in those pictures.  We were butter!
Four years later, that little tiny girl with no hair has blossomed into a spicy young girl full of personality!  And OH…does she have hair!  I love adoption and am so thankful that it gets to be a part of our families story!

Marley Referral Anniversary 4 years from elisa hyman on Vimeo.

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Lisa B said...

Pure joy! Beautiful video.