July 8, 2013

Join Me in Uganda this Thanksgiving!

Uganda has become my second home. This will be my fourth trip to Uganda!  I love traveling there, and not only is my heart there, but a little tiny piece of my tooth resides there!

I will be leading another Visiting Orphans team over Thanksgiving. Here a few of the details:

  • November 24-December 4
  • We will be working with Return Ministries, My Father's House, Healing Faith and Sangalo Baby Home.  I have traveled to all but Healing Faith and am super excited to share these ministries with you! 
  • Follow THIS LINK to get the details of this trip
  • If you are leaving from Germany, please contact me!  I have some information for you before you submit your application!

I truly believe that God has placed a passion and calling for missions in me.  And if you are drawn towards missions or think you'd like to go with me, I know that He is calling you too!  That's how my story started!  I was just intrigued by a friend who led teams.  I'd watch her blog and Facebook posts and trip videos and always thought that it would be a cool experience.  It took me about a year until I finally committed to going.  Wow…did that trip change my life!  Here I am now, just a little over two years later and I'm leading two teams a year!

All that to say, join me!  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  Anyone will tell you that!

If money is keeping you from going, PLEASE hear me!  God will provide!  Check out one of my personal stories with fundraising!

I'm super excited to see who God brings to this team!  I hope you will join me!

Submit your application HERE!

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