April 9, 2014

Our Family is on a Mission!

It is finally official!  The tickets are booked!  All four of us will be serving in Ethiopia and Uganda this summer!

I have spent the last three years of my life serving with short term mission teams in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya.  Every time I come home, I share stories and photos of my experiences, dreaming of the time that my own family can see it all first hand.  Many obstacles have prevented this from happening until now.

In just about 6 weeks, Brandon leaves to serve on a team in Ethiopia.  I will leave about a week after that with the kids and meet him there.  We have several friends and our former Missouri babysitter on his team so we look forward to getting to see some familiar faces.  THEN…we all fly to Uganda!  The place that has become my home and the place where I am called Mama and Auntie by many! The place that I hope will become our home!  After my family leaves, my Visiting Orphans team will join me.

Our family will have the opportunity to serve together!  I am beyond elated!  I look forward to the giggles as the kids stare at the Mzungu (white person) and her black husband!  I am over the moon to finally share the sweet girls that have called me Mum for the past three years!  Seeing my kids run and play with the Ugandan children that have a piece of my heart may just make me burst with joy!  Oh Jesus, thank you so much for this opportunity!

You can help support the work we will be doing by buying one of our shirts!  We are on a mission to LOVE and SERVE!  

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Amy James said...

My family just got home from Uganda. It was the best experience. We can not wait to return as a family. Praying for your family.