May 5, 2014


God provides!  It sounds simple as it rolls off of my tongue, but it's so true!  I've been watching God come thru financially for years.  Watching others learn about God's abundant provision feeds my soul!  It makes me burst with joy!

For my family, our journey in experiencing God's provision started when Brandon and I started being generous and giving.  We were a young married couple with one meager income and I was in college.  After I graduated, we had about $60,000 of debt in car payments, credit cards and student loans.  Eeek!  Thru Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace concepts, we paid all of that off in about three years.  God came thru!  No, He didn't make money rain down into our bank account.  He gave us the wisdom to live off of one income while we used the other to pay down that debt fast!

A few years later, as a stay at home mom, God called us to international adoption.  We were faced with scary international adoption fees.  While a lot of adoption families turn to loans, we refused to go back into debt.  We asked God for wisdom and provision.  I took on subbing jobs.  We prayed again for God to show us how we afford the fees.  God had given Brandon a gift years before.  Little did we know that that gift was given to him only to be used later to help fund our adoption!  We sold Brandon's 65 Mustang which paid for almost half of our adoption fees!  God provided!

Just about a year after Marley join our family, I came to Brandon with this crazy idea of going on a short term mission trip thru Visiting Orphans!  Brandon is the rational one in our relationship.  I'm the crazy spontaneous one!  He grounds me when I get out of control.  He watched God provide for my mission trip!

For almost four years now, I travel to Africa on mission trips.  God ALWAYS provides!  I've noticed a pattern in God's provision!  

1. You have to be obedient! Whatever God is calling you to, be obedient! Just trust him and do it!
2.  Put forth your effort!  Really!  Get creative, work your butt off, take on extra jobs.
3.  Have the faith, real crazy faith without worry that God will provide.
4.  Completely give it to him.  COMPLETELY!  Don't let worry set in!
Then BOOM, God comes thru!  

I've watch so many people experience this thru fundraising for missions.  Signing up for a trip is their way of being obedient.  They do bake sales, they sell T-shirts, they write letters to friends and family.  They trust that God will come thru for them.  Then the worry sets in.  The deadlines come in and they have $1,000 still to raise.  They pray, then they surrender.  They ask God to bless their efforts.  Then…He does!!!!  You don't get it until you've experience it yourself.  I tell so many, but until they have seen it for themselves, they just don't get it!  But when they do, they are changed!

This past month, our family has watched this happen yet again!  Deciding to fund TWO mission trips and bring our kids wasn't easy.  Okay, so it was an easy decision for me!  But Brandon, the grounded one, kept telling me to quit telling people that all of us were going.  He was worried that we wouldn't be able to raise enough money.  FOUR $1,000 airline tickets!  TWO mission trip fees!  Accommodations, drivers, food, insurance!  ONE income!  God provided!

We are fully funded!  WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!  God provides!  I have no doubt that we are on the right path!  His provision is confirmation for us!

There are still opportunities to give!  We always have opportunities on the ground for blessing ministries with food and supplies!  If you can't go on a trip, send someone who can!  You both will be changed for it!  What is God asking you to do?  Be obedient!  He will sustain you!


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