May 27, 2014

One down…Three to Go!

Brandon is off!  He is on his way to Ethiopia and on his way to experience his first mission trip!  I'm so proud of him!  He has supported me in missions for years and now it's his turn!  All day I've been watching how cool and calm he was.  He never panicked about forgetting something or that we were running late.  He just remained cool.  How does that happen?!  I'm usually a nut case the day I leave!
We parked outside of the train station that will ultimately take him to the Frankfurt airport, where he will fly out tonight.  We prayed.  He was still calm and collected.  We got his bags out and I gave him a hug.  He lost it!
I said, "Boo, it's all right!  I'll see you in a little over a week."  He said, "that's not why I'm crying."  "Then what's going on?" I asked.  "He is so patient with me!  I'm a screw up, and God is STILL patient with me!"
Yes. He. Is!

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