June 16, 2014

Week Two

June 10
Today, our family traveled with Healing Faith in their Mobile Malaria Unit, to the village if Wakissi.  Healing Faith has been working with this village for over a year educating, preventing and treating Malaria, and ministering to the spiritual needs of the people there.It is still rainy season, so the dirt roads looked more like an obstacle course of mud holes.  It was an adventure getting to the village.  On our way, we stopped to check on a family that had recently had a new baby, and one that had just lost a baby.  This was the kids first real encounter with village life.  As we pulled up, goats, chickens and rabbits roamed around.  Marley fell in love with all of the bunnies!  

When we arrived in the village, the kids were in school.  They joined us in the field for some games and a bible study.  I watched my children interact with the village kids.  Both hesitant at first, but eventually, they warmed up.  Marley got bucked by a cow, and Miles got whooped in a game of soccer.  It was a good day!

June 11
Sangaalo baby home is where little baby Brandon lives.  I had the honor of naming him last summer.  He is about a year old now.  My Brandon finally got to meet the little baby that wasn't expected to live.  We brought the toddler Lego blocks and the kids went crazy!  They loved them!  Miles was beginning to see how much his efforts were appreciated.  

Brandon and I got to spend some time with Jason and Kari, from Healing Faith.  I'm so glad God brought them into our lives!  

June 13
Brandon left today.  This kids were so distracted playing with the Segner kids that I'm not sure they fully understood that they wouldn't see Daddy for a whole month.  Hadlee on the other hand is going to miss her Uncle Boo!  Our family really enjoyed spending time with Kari and Jason!

Today I learned to navigate around with my cane on my own without my husbands strong arm on my side.  I think I got this!

June 14
Our morning started with some family worship and a devotional.  Miles chose the songs and then read the story of David and Goliath.  We talked about what we can learn from that story.  Miles blew me away when he said that he knows that God has power over the enemy.  Miles, like most American kids, is addicted to video games.  He said that he is now going to rely on God to give him the strength to overcome that addiction.  Proud Mama here!
The kids and I braved traveling on our own today!  We stepped outside our compound gates and waved down a Boda driver.  All three of us piled onto a motorbike with my cane!  Ha....it was a funny sight.  The kids loved it! We ate lunch, got some groceries and then headed back home just long enough for a nap.  Then Brittany, my coleader from last summers team called.  She had just arrived in town.  We caught another Boda to eat dinner with her team.  On the way back home, around 8:30pm, my Boda driver got lost!  For a second I feared the end of our trip would be at some black market mzungu sale!  We eventually made it home safely!  I learned to always keep the address of the guesthouse with me!

The kids are adjusting wonderfully!  We have settle into a routine.  They wake up to the sounds of roosters, birds and all sorts of animals and insects.  I cook them breakfast.  I have been getting creative with our menu options of bread, bananas and eggs!  Then they venture out onto the compound we are are staying on and play with Boone, the guard dog, or whatever other animals are around!  They have been playing with Legos until we are able to take them to some kids. Miles has been journaling and Marley working on her alphabet.  They play and I love it!  Occasionally I reward them with some electronic time, but that is becoming less and less.  They are content running around barefoot and exploring!  I am happy they are adjusting!  

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Candace said...

Hello! I'm Candace, Celeste Sabo's mom. We are praying for you all and look forward to hearing more about what God is doing in Uganda!

It's so neat to look at your photos and see familiar faces and places that Celeste has been before. Blessings!