September 9, 2014

You Can't Stop Me!

Yeah, I'm coming at ya with another controversial topic…deliverance.

If you know me, you know I LOVE missions.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know I have broken a tooth in Uganda, then turned around broke two bones in my foot while living in Germany and then got on a plane to Uganda just four days after getting out of my walking boot.  THEN…this past summer, I dislocated my left ankle and broke three bones in my foot the first day back in Uganda.  The funny thing is, some of the Ugandans said, "Momma, your foot is still paining you?!"  Ha!

So I'm back home in Germany and YES, my foot is STILL paining me!  So, the screws from my first foot surgery need to come out.

What does this have to do with deliverance?  Well let me tell you!  I have a God given calling, and the enemy doesn't like that.  With God's help, I am changing lives.  I am showing the love of Christ all over the world and the enemy has been trying to keep me from doing it for a long time!

Let me back up.  Back in 2006, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I couldn't open doors or jars.  I started having chronic pain about two years later.  I was on so many pain relievers, I was eventually diagnosed with Narcolepsy because I couldn't stay awake due to all of the drugs.  Then I was given medication to stay awake.  It was ridiculous!  When we moved to Germany, thru the prayers of many, I was healed.  Serious healing y'all!

Summer of 2013, I traveled to Uganda before my team and on day one I fell and broke my tooth!  Thankfully, there was no major damage and I sported a fancy smile until I got back home to get it repaired.

Then in October of 2013, I fell off a bench at my city's version of Oktoberfest.  Yeah, I was dancing on a bench!  Before you start judging, you get trampled on if you are on the ground!  And it was a cultural experience, ya know?!  So, my team was scheduled to leave over Thanksgiving.  I seriously had NO TIME for a lengthy recovery!  I flew out to Uganda four days after getting out of that boot.

That did not stop me!  I had a team to lead and work to do!  That ankle brace went with me everywhere!  And so did the swelling!

June of 2014, the FIRST day in Uganda, I fall off a step.  A FREAKING 4 INCH STEP!  Immediately, I knew I had done some damage.  I started praying prays of deliverance.  I casted out any spirit that was trying to oppress me.  My husband, kids and Ugandan friends looked on with wide eyes.  I KNEW it was the enemy.  That was not a coincidence.  Long story short, with the help of some missionary friends, we treated my feet with what we had.  See if you can find the boot in these photos…lol!

I came home and got re-xrayed and they said my bones had healed fine.  I knew that, my God is a Healer!

I was just diagnosed with Osteopenia, an early version of Osteoporosis.  I'm 36 y'all!  My bones are breaking because they are fragile!  And the enemy is using that against me.

So I claiming deliverance!  The enemy CAN NOT STOP ME!  I have too much to do!