October 23, 2014

Spiritual Check Up

Checking in on your spiritual life is essential to spiritual growth.  I am a work in progress…I am well aware of that.  After reading Interrupted, by Jen Hatmaker, I found myself torn.  Her book is amazing and truly puts to words a lot of my beliefs.  I think the church needs step it up, to evaluate her methods and get back on track.
I am the church.  You are the church.  WE are the church!  So do I have it all together?  Do I have all the answers?  No….that's a big fat NO!  BUT, I am evaluating my own spiritual growth.  God has been  showing me areas that I need to work on.  He is showing me how to get back on track.  It's not always pretty, but being in His will is.
Working in ministry isn't always easy.  It can be tremendously fulfilling, but comes with great responsibility.  I am learning that.  My actions are watched.  My REactions are being watched.  How I deal with conflict is being observed.  My language is heard.  Am I living up to what I am intended to be?  No.  Am I recognizing my faults and trying to get back on track? Yes!
I don't have to be Great because my God is!  But I do need to grow and share His love.  I'm working on improving my part of the church.  Are you?

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