January 9, 2015

Processing Again

Processing is something I encourage my teams to do.   Process the things you saw and did and make sure you have a way to do that.  For some, it's easier than others.  Some of my team members process by writing, some process by sharing their stories with others.  Some have a difficult time putting into words what just happened.  That seems to be where I am.
I just came home from my sixth mission trip in four years.  And I'm still processing. It's difficult for me to get back to everyday life.  As I walked to my children's school this afternoon to pick them up, I realized that my children get to go to school.  My children have the security of knowing that someone will be there to pick them up.  They come out of school jumping and running.  There will be dinner on the stove tonight and they will sleep in a bed protecting them front the outside elements.  If they are sick, they have easy access to a doctor and a hospital.
My children are also in a culture of greed and materialism.  They have access to their choice of clothes and matching shoes. They get more excited about their video games and electronics than they do out of God's word. They are American children.
I often think I am becoming desensitized to the poverty, illness and cultural differences that I experience.  I have seen so much, it takes a lot to shock me.  This trip shook me up a bit.  But I think what shakes me up even more is that there are so many people that haven't seen what I see.  They hear the stories, but until they have seen…they don't get it.  I want people to see, I want others to experience something so outside of themselves that it rocks them to the core.  That is where transformation and change comes from!
While I am processing again, for the sixth time, ask me how my trip went.  I have a ton of stories to share!  If you want a one line answer, I'll give it to you.  But if you really want to know how my trip went, give me an hour and I'll show you how my heart is really breaking.  I will tell you things that will break your own.  And THEN, I'll get you to join me in May!

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