September 30, 2008


The Ethiopian Courts opened today a week early! Praise God! So there will be many adoptive parents and agencies trying to get a court date for their referrals they received before or during the court closure, so the back log may be there for a little while, but they are open and can process orphans, so this means the referrals of children are in the near future and we are just a little bit closer to baby Marley!

Because of the age range we selected we know our baby is on this earth right now. We have been praying for her to be here by December 31, 2008, which means we would have to receive a referral like right now for that to happen. It's possible. Please continue praying for our baby. Right now the only thing I can think of is how hard it must be for her family to give her up. We, as adoptive parents, don't go into this wanting a child so much that we forget that someone is loosing thiers. Our daughter will probably be about a year old and that is a whole year she has gotten to be with her family. I truly hope that we are able to meet her family.
In the midst of waiting, we are settled into our new town and love it! I'm involved in multiple play groups, a prayer group, I volunteer at the church and I'm working on updating our family scrap book, I'm about a year behind. Brandon loves his new command and is active with Miles' soccer team. Miles really enjoys his new school and church. He goes to pre-school two times a week for the whole day and when we pick him up, he doesn't want to leave. He really enjoys learning and playing with a bunch a kids all day. I swear sometimes I think we should be brining two home for him, instead of just one. He needs siblings bad! It was 49 degrees this morning...brrrr! You guys know me, I got my heating blanket out!


Justine said...

Yeahhhh! It happened. Can I just say that I spent the weekend stalking blogs because I was convinced that they would open this week and not next. I need some new hobbies (:

I know what you mean thinking about your little girl and her family. Now that we broadened our age preference, it is pretty certain that Zadie is born. I wonder how she is doing all the time and try so hard to be patient. It's hard though because you are already love your child so much!

Justine said...
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Ronnie and Suzi said...

Yay!! Let's do the Really Freakin Happy Dance!!! :) Now let's get the referrals rolling!!!

Stacie said...

So exciting to think how close you could be! And, good to hear you're settling in down there! :)

Jodi said...

It won't be long now and Miles will have a sister to play with. Love your crib bedding - super cute!!!