September 15, 2008

Preparing for Marley!

So last week our agency had 6 referrals! They are starting to come quickly and as soon as the courts open they will be coming faster! Our agency also added a 6th orphanage from which they pick children up from to refer to waiting parents like us. This 6th orphanage is only working with our agency, and they work towards trying to help mothers keep their children. Being PAP, prospective adoptive parents, it's so easy to just want this child. But we have to remember that in our anxiety, there is a family that is struggling with their live or struggling just to feed their family. We encourage you, our blog friends and family, to get involved in helping with humanitarian aid in Ethiopia. We have contributed, even in the midst of trying to pay for our adoption. So the referrals that our agency had last week didn't move our place on "the list." They were mainly infants and boys.
I went to a consignment sale for Mother's of Multiples at a local church this weekend, looking for jeans for Miles, he's growing so fast. I didn't find any jeans, but I did find Marley's crib set! And what a steal! This is a Pottery Barn set and is in Imaculate condition. I got this set for $20! Yeah! We won't be painting for putting up her crib until we recieve the referral, and because her room is currently my scrapbook!


Missy said...

Beautiful! I am trying so hard not to buy anything yet, but I have purchased 3 for being on the list and one for each month on the list. Let's hope I haven't filled a room by the time we get our referral!!

Justine said...

Love it and what a bargain! Last week was exciting, so hoping to hear more good news.

Just got the email about CHI's yahoo group. I am so upset! I don't really understand the reasoning for this one... I will be joining the new group for sure!

Annie said...

What a great deal on such a cute crib set!

Susie said...

So cute! Can you imagine if you would have bought it at full price? Ouch! Love it, and so excited for you guys and your future!