September 2, 2008

Miles and his Trumpet

Miles and Daddy have been having jam sessions with their horns. It's so funny actually. So we named Miles after Miles Davis, because we both LOVE jazz and we thought it was a really cool name. We never want to force an instrument on our children, but honestly, it's in our family. My dad, as many of you know, was a professional musician for 22 years and played the saxophone. So anyways, last Christmas, Miles asked for a trumpet. We couldn't believe it. A three year old wanted a real trumpet for Christmas. So we bought him one on Ebay for a penny...and $65! Well he's toyed around with it a little, he has built up his chops and can play. He doesn't really hit notes yet, but him and daddy listen to a kids jazz cd and he matches the beats. It's really becoming an amazing thing to watch and I'll try to get video up soon. But here are few pictures. I know he makes Daddy and Papaw proud!


Ressie said...

Absolutely amazing how children take to music. Bless his heart. He and Brandon playing together must be the best thing to see. Big kisses.

Sohl Gal said...

I love the picture of him playing with his eyes closed. He looks like a natural. You'll have to post video of a "concert."

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...


It was wonderful to meet you!!!!!

Children's Hope International said...

It was fun meeting you this week! And how cool is the trumpet??


Jennifer N>

Jodi said...

Wow - that is a great - a trumpet. My kids did not ask for that one... He will be a natural, perhaps he is already.

LISA said...

Oh, if boys only knew all the women they could meet just by playing a musical instrument!
Glad you are totally moved!!I have some ex-relation in Willard!That is also their last name!Willard!
Still on speaking terms.LOL!