August 30, 2008

Is My Baby Ready for Soccer or What?

So Miles starts his first sport in a few weeks and we are busy trying to get his attire ready! Or gear, whatever! LOL! He is so excited, we count down the days on his calendar. We found him some shin guards, they are so tiny! So here is my baby posing for Sports Illustrated!

Can you tell who he gets his smile from? Lol, he's overly excited, just like his Mama!


wimberley said...

toooooooooooo cute!
How fun! I can't believe how big Miles is... Definitely should be on the cover of sports illustrated!

Sohl Gal said...

I second that, on how tall he is! He looks like you and Brandon grabbed him and stretched him. So cute. The smile is yours, though Ican see more of Brandon in him now than I used to. FUN soccer stuff!

The Evans Family said...

Miles looks so great.... How excited is he.