August 6, 2008

One Week Down!

Well we have been in our home for one week now and I can honestly say, everythings in it's place. Minus a few manly things. Our dryer is a 3 prong and the wall is a 4 prong, so I'm line drying our clothes on the deck. I've been saying I'm going hippy, green or whatever you want to call it. My birthday's coming up, y'all could send me a washboard! LOL!
We've met some really cool people so far, thanks to my friend Audrey, who hooked me up with one of her friends. We are trying another church this weekend, I can't wait to find one! I have a lunch date with another ET adoptive family that are getting their son in aobut 6 weeks. A REAL LIFE ETHIOPIAN BABY!!! It will be my first real life ET baby to see in person. I stalk blogs all day, but wow, and they live really close to us. Hopefully Marley will be coming home soon too.
Adoption News: Nothing right now. Courts are closed until October, but referrals can still come in, we are hoping they do. Honestly, I'm starting to see a bit of God's timing. During this move and transtitions, have not had much time to focus on Marley's room, hair bows or petty coats. I'm gonna have to focus on getting settled in and in a routine before I can really realize that we are about to have another child! Miles has been asking about a baby in our house lately. We haven't really talked much about it to him, other than some babies come from tummies and some come from I know, I need a better explanasion, any advice is welcome!
Looks like Miles will be starting his first organized The town we live in has a non=competitive league for his age to teach him about organized sports, so itlooks like a go.


Amanda and John said...

Welcome to missori!! I hope you and your family are getting aclimated. If you ever take a road trip to KC,let us know! :). do you know?? Thats awesome!!!

Tiffany said...

I did not realize it has been a week that you are in Missori. Same with us in Flordia. Maybe we should compare notes in a month to see how each is coping with new moves. LOL!!! It sounds like you are doing good. Miss you already.

duganheimer said...

Hey Elisa!
Glad to hear you're setting in allright. We miss you!