August 9, 2008

Have I Mentioned that I LOVE my New Town?

Today was the YMCA Dream Big in the Park. Baisically, they had several booths set up for the kids and parents to see all that the Y and the programs they have and opportunities in the community. Miles had a blast with the instruments set up and here are a few pictures.

Adoption Update: This is not! Just waiting. There have not been referrals for our agency in about 6 weeks, and I'm sure it's because they are trying to get the families that are traveling before and during the court closure taken care of. Hopefully soon!


Ressie said...

That looks so neat! Miles must of had a blast. I'm so glad that you have been blessed with a great home and neighbors. All my love to you all. Mama sends her love.

Jodi said...

How fun! I am amazed at how grown up your little guy looks... You need that baby to add to the family. Here's to more referrals soon!!