October 29, 2008

My New Hair!

It's not a big secret...I'm going through a mid life crisis. Well kind of. Ever since I turned 30, a few years ago, I've been trying to look younger, be hipper, etc.. I've been wanting to add pink highlights to my hair, seriously! So I didn't get the pink today, but I did get four new colors! I gave the stylist total control of my hair and it was so much fun! I went to the Paul Mitchell School and wow was it a steal! I'm going to do it again in a few months and I think I'm going for the pink next time!


Gretchen Magruder said...

very cute!!! I always tell my stylist that I don't mind looking like a mom, as long as it's a really hip mom!!

Justine said...

I love it! You look like you belong in LA with the celebrities. Nothing like a new hairstyle to get rid of the aging blues. BTW - 30 is still a baby!

I've got you on the blog invite list too. I'm sad to go private but it's probably best for now.

Talk to you soon!

Missy said...

Really cute and super young and hip!! Love it!!!

Susie said...

Just beautiful Elisa! How fun!