October 21, 2008


Everything is going great here! Brandon loves his new job and has started classes online. I am involved in everything! And Miles just learned how to write his name! He will turn four next week and I am so proud of him. He is just a sponge.
He just finished his soccer season and boy was that work! He really didn't like it until he "won" a trophy. There was eight weeks of drills teaching them the skills to play soccer and then the final week there was a game. It was hectic! Every parent was on the field with their child and cheering them on to make a goal and about 10 three and four years old were throwing tantrums when they didn't get the ball. This is him upset because he didn't get the ball.
Miles did make the first goal! I was trying to let some of the other kids get a chance and he didn't like that. Well they issued trophies to all the kids and this is him realizing that soccer isn't so bad.

So we received our team pictures and Miles is such a clown, I tell you! His personality is really starting to shine and it's becoming VERY obvious that we have an entertainer on our hands. He loves to be funny and I think we are going to look into getting him into classes at the local children's theater. See if you can find the teachers child in this photograph...lol!

He will be starting basketball next week. What are we doing to ourselves?

Our garden is coming along. We added mulch to the raised bed and I'm hoping to plant strawberries in it. Imagine a yearly supply of fruit from about 30 strawberry plants! I have to talk Brandon into it first. Originally, that bed was supposed to be for spring vegetables. But I was thinking we have so much room in our yard to build another raised bed, so why not use it now and plant our strawberries? He is going to kill me! It was a lot of work, but it all for the good right? We also added four blueberry plants that are two years old (pictured on the right), so they will produce a
handful of berries this summer and in the years following each plant will produce about ten pounds!
So we passed our 3 month waiting mark and didn't even realize it! There haven't been any referrals in the last week and a half, so there hasn't been much news. We do think we will be given a referral by Christmas and are hoping to travel by February. It's just hard to know much right now because it really depends on when the families ahead of us are given their referrals. The families that are getting referrals right now waited about 6 months.


Gretchen Magruder said...

3 months, baby!! can you believe we've made it this far?! Here's hoping the next 3 go quickly!!

Jodi said...

Yay - three months! And what a great job writing Miles... Dannika - who is three, four in March - also just started writing her name - I need to take a picture of it to post. Too cute!