November 5, 2008

We are going to have a new President, finally!

I have never posted political rants and I rarely contribute to political arguments. As many of you know, I taught U.S. History last semester to High School juniors in Texas. As we learned of our nation’s history, we were also watching the candidates for President talk about changing our country. My students noticed that history was repeating its self heading toward another Great Depression. Every Candidate said their way was the way to change. I personally do not consider myself a Republican nor a Democrat. How can we put ourselves in those categories? I like to look at the whole person, not just their party affiliation. I voted for Ron Paul in the Primaries. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I liked what he stood for. Yes, he was a Republican, although he claimed to be the only REAL Republican. So Ron Paul faded away. We were left with John McCain and Barack Obama. Honestly, I didn’t like either one of these candidates. I do know that I do not like Bush and the path that we have taken under his leadership. I do not give him total blame, because we as people elected him (although, I didn’t vote in that election) and he can’t be at fault for every bad thing in our country.

That being said, I did vote for Barack Obama. Only because Ron Paul wasn’t on the Ballot…lol! Seriously though, I was very torn. I was not sure either candidate was the “saving grace” that we needed, only God can fill that role. I am a Christian. In my eyes, a strong faithful Christian. Having that in my life has been amazing. Yet I do need to speak out here. I am surrounded by Christians. I have always loved that. They have been my rock and helped build me up and strengthen my faith. It seems as if it is a given, “if you are a Christian, you vote Republican.” No, no one has said this to me, but it’s an unspoken given. I have people all around me saying, “you’re voting for McCain right?” I have heard people say they are not voting for Barack because he is for abortion and he’s a baby killer, and that is ungodly. Yet, John McCain had an affair on his previous wife with Cindy McCain whom he met in a bar. That too is ungodly. In our world, abortion is the worse evil. In Gods eyes, they are equal. People have called him a Terrorist and have vowed not to vote for him because he is Muslim. I have received so many emails telling me that Obama is the Anti-Christ!

Do I think Barack Obama is going to make a better President than John McCain? Honestly, I don’t know. As an educator, neither of them had a good plan, in my opinion, to reform our countries education system. What was my deciding factor was Sara Palin. I don’t feel she was at all ready to be a President in the event John McCain was unable to be. And Joe Biden made me feel much more at ease if he had to take the role. I feel like my fellow Christians are already on the defense, attacking our newly elected President and honestly I am sick of hearing it! Come on guys, we need to unite as Americans and support the person that was elected. Even John McCain has vowed to support him. If we are divided now, it is not going to get us anywhere. And please, don’t assume that he was only elected because of his color. It makes me sick hearing that. He has very strong qualities that brought him to where he is today. No, he hasn’t been in politics all his life. But he does have a great education, a strong Christian marriage and values, experience as a Senator, and a desire to lead our nation. If his race was the sole reason for being elected, we would have had Jesse Jackson for a President a long time ago.

So to conclude, to my friends and fellow bloggers, please let’s unite as Americans. The election is over and we as Americans have elected Barack Obama as our next President. He had a tremendous victory and Americans have spoken for who they wanted and let’s give him a chance.

I saw this on another blog and HAD to post this:

Rosa sat so that Martin could walk.

Martin walked so that Barack could run.

Barack ran so that my children might fly.


Ronnie and Suzi said...

I am stealing that for my blog now!! :)

Annie said...

beautifully written post. I was/am in your same shoes; I did a lot of soul-searching and praying along the same lines as you. Thank you for what you wrote.