December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful day it has been! Here are a few pictures of our morning. More pictures will follow. Miles absolutely LOVED all his toys and was really excited to get a truck! He also got a remote control dinosaur that is out of this world, we will picture that soon. Miles received many movies, books, games, and clothes. He was lavished with gifts from Santa and the many relatives and really enjoys everything!
He went outside this morning to pick up his friend Tyler in his Hummer, it was hilarious. He drove Tyler to the house to check out his new loot! When Tyler was showing Miles how to work the remote control dinosaur, that is almost 3' tall, Miles jumped on the couch and almost wet his pants with fear. It was so funny.
And.........guess what I got? A Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!! And it's the Professional one. I was so excited, I whipped up Jesus' birthday cake with it and couldn't wait for Brandon to document it. I promised him that this mixer will last so long, it will be passed on to! My parents and Brandon's parents bought me this, what an amazing gift!


Annie said...

That Kitchenaid mixer will last forever. I use mine at least once a day on average. I'm glad you got that model instead of the tilty head one. So much better.

Hope you're staying warm. South Texas ain't so bad in December:)

angie said...

oh, i got the same thing for Christmas!! i am so excited. i still have not had a chance to use it yet! i think i am going to try some pumpkin bread!!