December 10, 2008

Not Much of an Update

So we are almost to our five month waiting mark and when we joined our agency, we were told the wait could be around 4 months, then when we submitted our dossier the wait had moved to around 6 months, all due to a rise in adoptive parents in Ethiopia. So now, it's looking more like 7-9 months. There are still some families that submitted their dossier (the paperwork) in April that are waiting for children. We submitted our paperwork in July. There have not been any referrals in almost three weeks. It is probably due to the fact that there is only one Judge hearing all these cases. The other Judge is on maternity leave. So for now, not much news. We are fine, not too anxious. It's almost like we are guarding our hearts, you know?
We got our family pictures done and I CAN'T wait to show them off. I will post some pictures after I mail my Christmas cards. I was thinking, what's the point in mailing pictures and cards to everyone, if I post the picture on my blog? So for now, you get to know what it feels like to! Okay, that was supposed to be funny!
I do also have some prayer requests. My father is really sick. He has Parkinson's Disease, COPD, amongst many other conditions. It seems that he is rushed to the hospital and put in ICU on a monthly basis. The other day, while in ICU, my mother, his caregiver, broke her ankle. So the are both in need of prayer and much help. Luckily, some people have stepped up and have offered to help with transportation for groceries and doctor's appointments. Please keep them in your prayers. They need help and healing. I really appreciate it!


Justine said...

Our pre-Christmas referral isn't looking so good, is it? Well, it will be a great way to start off the New Year! I am actually relieved that CHI is closed over the holidays. I am going to be forced to let go and chill.

Sorry to hear about your Mom and Dad. Feels like we're all being hit with some crummy news lately. I'm hoping you get a photo of little Marley soon to help lift everyone's spirits.

Missy said...

I don't even think of the wait as 6-10 months anymore! I just think of 10+ months. So for me, May will be the month!! I hope we all get referrals and pass court before the courts close again! That would be an agonizing wait!!

Jodi said...

Prayers go out to you and your parents and for your "wait." Hopefully it will be sooner than you expect.