March 9, 2009

Our Before the Call List

So as many of you have figured, we are getting really, really close to our referral call! I know, I have been saying this for years. But seriously, we expect it to be in the next month. It HAS to be! If not, we may miss the court closure from August until October. I will be a wreck if this happens. So please keep our family in your prayers. Specifically, we need prayers for:
  • A referral and court before August
  • A healthy baby
  • For God to prepare us to raise her and to learn to share our love with two children
We can only praise God for how he has worked in our lives so far and how he has met our needs! He has given us much more than we ever expected. We love you Jesus!

On to the "keep us busy" list! We haven't prepared for Marley. On purpose. We painted her room a pale pink. I plan to get all that "stuff" after we know who and how old she is. To keep us busy not obsessing over our adoption, I know...funny right, I made a list of things to do before we get our call. We better get busy!
  1. Paint hallway, Miles' room and master bedroom
  2. Install fence for back yard, Social Worker said it needs to be fenced due to the pond (helpers very very welcome!)
  3. Prepare vegetable and flower gardens
  4. Refinish kitchen table and chairs


Erin and Keith Sager said...

Looks like you guys are trying to stay just as busy as us, we just got done painting the kitchen, next is the guest room. but at least it keeps my mind off things. Hope many prayers get answered soon...

Missy said...

Darn court closure!!! GRRRRR!!!!
Glad to hear you are staying busy!!

Jodi said...

Wow - you will be busy with that list. Good luck! I hope you can get your precious little girl before court closes...