August 13, 2009

Happy Three Months Marley

My precious baby girl,
Today you are three months old. Your aren't in our arms yet, but your have taken hold of our hearts. It's only been 25 days since we found out about you, and I promise you it's been 25 days of longing to be with you. I think about you sleeping and if you are sleeping well. I think about you eating and if you are being fed well. I wonder if you are being held and if someone is wiping your tears when you cry. I long to be the one do that, my little Marley.
Just yesterday, I was getting overwhelmed with the need to hear more about you. How you were growing and to see what you've grown into in the last month. I came home to a beautiful email, telling me how beautiful and tiny you are. I know you will be with us soon, I just can't imagine missing out of these days. I am so overjoyed to have you in our lives. You are our little angel God chose for us to love on.
Happy Three Months Marley! I hope to have you home in less than three more! My sweet sweet baby girl.


Alida and Geno said...

Beautiful, Elisa. Happy 3 months little Marley ... I also can't wait to see you (even if only in picture) and maybe even meet you and your wonderful family one day!

Missy said...


Mommy and Auntie Missy are coming soon!!! We will be there to pick up you and your future BFF, R. We'll be the ones with the tears streaming down our faces and the cameras shoved in your faces...Just a warning, we will be kissing you two girls lots and lots and lots!!!! And probably dressing you in tons of frills and pink and lace and bows!!!
See you VERY soon!!!!