August 23, 2009

Some Family Time

We recently traveled to Oklahoma and Arkansas for a funeral and spent some great quality time with some family. While we would have loved to travel under better circumstances, we did enjoy our time. Miles spent time with his baby cousin, Jordan. We don't have a lot of little ones in our family and time with Jordan was amazing. Miles was the baby prior to Jordan, who is 18 months old. He is just a ham!
Brandon and his mother take such great pictures together. And so do I....LOL! She's the hottest mother in law I've ever had...hah!
We have some beautiful women in our family!
We were Aunt Tammy's house and wanted a group picture, but couldn't figure out who was going to take the picture. So I figured out, after six years of owning my digital camera, how to set the timer. It was so much fun setting the timer and running to get in the picture, that I think more self timer pictures are to come!

We found out this past weekend that Marley is now at our agency's transition home. There she will get great care, and we are more at ease knowing she is finally there. We also got some updated pictures from a family that just recently traveled. She was sleeping and her lips were just puckered up, I can't wait to kiss all over them! The Ethiopian courts closed last week and will open in the first of October. We will get our court date sometime after they open. We are still anticipating an October court date and travel in late October to early November. Nothing is guaranteed, but we can always hope!


Justine said...

Yeahhh - she is at HOH!!! I'm sad no court date yet but like you (: am an optimist and BELIEVE that you will have any early October date. Love the family photos. Let's talk soon!!

courtney rose said...

I can't wait to see those pictures!!!